VMware Player is used for creating virtual machines on any desktop/laptop systems, which are now powerful enough to run more OS on a single machine. Easier for learners who are an windows user and learning Linux. Using vmware you can easily create a guest machine within few minutes and start working. After completing your work you can simply delete it.

Step 1: Download VMware bundle File 

First go to vmware download page and download latest available version in bundle file.

You can also use below url to download it.

# cd /opt
# wget https://download3.vmware.com/software/player/file/VMware-Player-7.1.4-3848939.x86_64.bundle

Step 2: Install VMware Player

After downloading vmware bundle file, install it using following command.

# chmod +x VMware-Player-7.1.4-3848939.x86_64.bundle
# ./VMware-Player-7.1.4-3848939.x86_64.bundle

Installation startup will show you the license agreement. Accept the agreement and complete the installation.


Step 3: Start VMware Player

After successfully installation of vmware player, lets start vmware from Applications >> System Tools >> Vmware Player Menu .


Congratulation’s! You have successfully install VMware player on you linux system.

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