LTO-7 technology is the latest in a long line of tape products that companies around  the world turn to in protecting their most valuable data and content. Designed for an optimal blend of attributes, LTO-7 technology provides industry-leading capacity, performance, compatibility, interchange and cost control in an open format that’s backed by some of the most reliable names in storage.


With up to 6 Terabytes of native storage (15 Terabytes compressed), LTO-7 tapes provide more than double the compressed capacity of the previous generation of LTO tape.


It’s faster too, with up to 300 MB/sec native transfer rate (up to 750 MB/sec compressed). That’s nearly 2.7 Terabytes of data transferred per drive/hour (compressed).


LTO-7 technology continues to provide the compatibility that you’ve come to trust, so you know that your investment will be protected for years to come. LTO-7 drives read and write to LTO-6 cartridges and read LTO-5 cartridges. It also provides for interchange between media and drive vendors, so you’ll have multiple sources of product and media.


LTO tape drive encryption is specified in all LTO generations since LTO-4. It features a 256-symmetric key AES-GCM algorithm that is implemented at the drive level, which enables compression before encryption to maximize tape capacities and deliver high performance during backup.
LTO Program WORM implementation is designed to provide users a very cost effective means of storing data in a non-rewriteable format to address compliance regulations.

Open format

LTO technology is an “open” format, meaning that many different competing companies are producing LTO drives and LTO cartridges that are compatible with each other.  Each generation is also compatible with at least the two previous generations.


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