Keep data on the disk is pretty expensive, especially for long term archiving data. Tape is is the best place for these data. LTO technology is one of solution to meet current big data requirement. In addition to that, LTO7 actually is faster than disk in streaming. Thus, tape is not just ideal for archiving, it also can be used as tertiary storage solution.

Here are key facts about LTO generation 7 tape technology

LTO7 tape media Capacity

7 media offers up to 6 terabytes per cartridge native (up to 15 terabytes compressed)
Capable of storing up to 800HD movies per cartridge
One LTO-7 cartridge can hold the data of up to five LTO-5 cartridges
LTO technology is ideal for long-term data archiving

LTO7 Performance(faster than disk)

LTO-7 drive transfer rate is up to 300 MB/sec native, 750 MB/sec compressed
Improve job productivity with an 87% increase transfer rate over LTO-6 drives
While streaming, LTO-7 technology is faster than disk

LTO7 Compatibility

LTO specifications are an open format designed for interoperability
Investment protection is assured through backwards compatibility
- Each LTO generation reads 2 generations back
- Each LTO generation writes 1 generation back
LTFS provides easy data access and management allowing for easy file share

LTO7 Security

Easily stored off-line to protect against on-line corruption
Easily stored off-site in case of a disaster recovery situation
Hardware based data encryption for added security
WORM cartridges to address compliance regulations


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