Couple of days ago, I met a Java problem when trying to configure two new IBM 48b-5 SAN switches(Brocade 2498-F48).

When accessing the SAN switch via http

http://<switch ip>

It pops up the message like below:

 The version of Java plugin needed to run the application is not installed. The page from where the plugin can be downloaded will be opened in a new window. If not, please click here: Download correct Java version.

Actually, I have java 8 installed, but seems to me it did not trying to find the java I installed on my laptop.

Anyway, I clicked the link it pointed to

Even worse, I got the browser page shows:

This site can’t be reached

The connection was reset.



Seems funny, isn't it?

So, I googled a bit, I found two useful links discussed this issue, surprisingly found I'm not alone at all. Many people met the problem.

Looked into it, I found that both of them are good solutions for this issue.

Keep it simple, at certain point, browsers(firefox,chrome etc..) stopped to support java plugin. So, java package need to be installed on the client whichever runs the java app. However, java tends to verify the security requirements on the client,thus made this trouble.

Actually most of java apps have security login within the application, why java does this check?

Anyway, to solve the problem, there are two options

1.. Change java seurity property on the client

Change java security file by editing file in your installed java folder. Usually in

java home folder, lib/security/

comment out this line

jdk.certpath.disabledAlgorithms=MD2, RSA keySize < 1024

This link provides enough detail, see

2. By pass java security check by adding a string in the url

By adding string "_installed" to the switch URL, Java app will just load and by pass the security verification.
For Example:
Origional URL


Add "_installed" to the URL, so looks like below


Here is the detail someone found it out.

Note: This is my personal experience, did not get chance to verify with Vendor. Just a tip for whoever meet the same problem I met. May not work for all cases.  let me know your thoughts if you find anything wrong.


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