Below is the quick steps to collect DDN SFA products diagnostics data,  like SFA12K, SFA12KX, SFA14K etc..

To collect diagnostics data

On a Linux system,  issue the command below:

ssh diag@ctrlr_ip_address tgz > srnumber_customer_controller_date.tgz


"srnumber" is the five digit service request number that was assigned your case when you opened a ticket in the support web portal.

ssh This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tgz > sr12345_ddn_C0_090211.tgz
Password: user

In most of cases, you have two controllers, do the same step to the second controller.

To upload the diagnostics data to DDN for analysis.

Once you have both diags collected please FTP to:
Login with User anonymous type: anonymous
Enter the password: email address
Change to the upload directory type: cd /upload
Change to binary mode type: binary
Enter the put command type: put sr12345_ddn_C0_090211.tgz
   (When the upload is finished upload the other controller diag file)
Enter the put command type: put sr12345_ddn_C1_090211.tgz
   (Wait for the upload to finish then close the FTP session)
Enter the quit command type: quit


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