Enterprise MLC, also called eMLS, it provides performance driven solution for applications requiring workloads with a mix of read/write operations, what about Enterprise value MLC SSD?


The different is write endurance. Generally speaking, Enterprise MLC SSD endurance is 3-7 times higher than Enterprise value MLC SSD(depends on the SSDs used in comparison).

Here is one example, data from Lenovo SAS SSD specification


Endurance comparison

Enterprise MLC 2.5 inch SSD technical specification(endurance)

200GB 400GB 800GB 1.6TB
3.65PB 7.3PB 14.6PB 29.2PB


Enterprise value MLC 2.5 inch SSD technical specification(endurance)

120GB 240GB 480GB 800GB
0.5PB 1.0PB 1.9PB 1.9PB

 Note: the SSDs size in above example are not same.

Because  of this, Vendors like Lenovo provides 1 year warranty to Enterprise value MLC SSDs, while 5 year warranty for Enterprise MLC SSDs.

Other than that, other technical specifications such as MTBF, IOPS, sequential read/write rate etc.. are mostly very close. Both of them provides outstanding performance, endurance, reliablility and energency for enterprise workloads such as databases, data warehouses, corporate email and more. 

So, feel free to save money if you application is write less but read more.

For more detail specification comparison, see links below:




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