People have IBM DS and DCS storage systems should know what the support data means, it's usually asked by support when there is problem they want to look into it. For most cases, IBM Storage Manager is used to manage the storage system. Here is a quick steps show you how to collect support data before maintenance, during the diagnostics, etc..

Via Storage Manager

The way of collecting support data are different at different firmware levels. For all firmware levels, collect an All Support Data.  This is done by one of the following (firmware dependent):

a) Advanced -> Troubleshooting -> Support Data -> Collect...
b) Support tab -> Gather Support Information -> Save Support Information
c) Support tab -> Gather Support Information
d) Monitor -> Health -> Collect Support Data...
e) Monitor -> Health -> Collect Support Data Manually...

Via script execution

If you are running 7.8x code, save a copy of the dbmDatabase.

1) From the Script Editor run. (right click on subsystem in Enterprise Management window and select Execute Script..)
2) Enter the next line in the top window substituting the path and filename with an appropriate one :
save storageSubsystem dbmDatabase sourceLocation=disk file="pathtodirectory/";
3) After you have entered the command, select Tools -> Verify and Execute to run.

Via command line

SMcli ctrl_a ctrl_b -c 'save storageSubsystem supportData file="/<path>/supportdata";'

The is a single archived file, which contains all the support data.

If you prefer to only get particular data, for example, performance statistics data, run the command

SMcli ctrl_a ctrl_b -c 'save storageSubsystem performancestats file="/<path>/performancestats";'

The file will be a csv file.

For more type of data you want to collect, see Cli command line interface for IBM Storage Manager.

Or check

Command line interface and script commands programming guide

 Support Data for the Storage Subsystem

The command above collects data for remote troublshooting and analysis of problems with the storage management software. All of the files gathered are compressed into a single archive in a zipped file format. The following table lists the type of support data that is collected.

Type of Data Description and File Name
Storage subsystem profile A list of all components and properties of a storage subsystem.
storageSu bsystemProfile.txt
Major Event Log A detailed list of errors that occur on the storage subsystem. The list is stored in reserved areas on the disk drives in the storage subsystem. The list records configuration events and failures with storage subsystem components.
Read link status A detailed list of errors that have been detected in the traffic flow between the devices on the Fibre Channel loop. A file of historical read link status data might also be included in the archive.
Switch-on-a-chip (SOC) error
Information from the loop-switch ports that are connected to Fibre Channel devices.
A controller file that specifies the default settings for the controllers.
Performance statistics
A detailed description of how a storage subsystem is performing. Collected data includes the I/O activity of specific controllers or logical drives, the transfer rate of the controller, the current I/Os per second, and the maximum I/Os per second.
Persistent reservations and
persistent registrations
A detailed list of logical drives on the storage subsystem and persistent reservations and persistent registrations.
Object bundle
A detailed description of the status of the storage subsystem and its components, which was valid at the time that the file was generated. The object bundle file is a binary file and does not contain human-readable information.
Drive diagnostic data
A detailed list of log sense data from all of the disk drives in the storage subsystem.
Recovery profile A detailed description of the latest recovery profile record and historical data.
Unreadable sectors A detailed list of all of the unreadable sectors that have been logged to the storage subsystem.
State capture data A detailed description of the current state of the storage subsystem.
Storage array A detailed listing of the hardware components and the software components that comprise the storage subsystem configuration.
storageSu bsystemConfiguration.cfg



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