This is just a quick reference, for people don't deal with SAN switch changes on daily basis. Otherwise you have to find the correct command and syntax.

GUI window gives you an obvious way to change each port name, but problem is that you have to bear java GUI slowness and problems(you will feel it if you tried it).

Surely, all below info you can find in Brocade Fabric OS Administrator Guide

Show portname

The command is portname

san48b-5-sw2:FID128:admin> portname
port  0: hs01-slot2-p1
port  1: hs02-slot3-p1
port  2: hs03-slot3-p1
port  3: hs04-slot1-p1
port  4: hs05-slot2-p1
port  5: hs06-slot2-p1
port  6: hs07-slot2-p1
port  7: port7
port  8: port8
port  9: orac3-P1
port 10: port10
port 11: port11
port 12: ISL2sw2_p26
port 13: ISL2sw2_p27
port 14: port14
port 15: port15
port 16: unit1_CtlB_P5
port 17: unit4_CtlB_P5
port 18: unit7_CtlB_P5
port 19: port19
port 20: unit1_CtlA_P6

Set the port name

san48b-5-sw2:FID128:admin> portname 12 -n ISL2sw2_p26
san48b-5-sw2:FID128:admin> portname 13 -n ISL2sw2_p27
san48b-5-sw2:FID128:admin> portname 8 -n port8

Disable port

portdisable                Disable a specified port


san48b-5-sw2:FID128:admin> portdisable 12 

Enable port

portenable                 Enable a specified port


san48b-5-sw2:FID128:admin> portenable 12 





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