This article describes the steps necessary to remove a project from the CVS repository.

Suppose the cvs home directory is located at /home/cvs, and there is a project named SoftwareABC.

You can easily find the SoftwareABC directory under CVS home directory, /home/cvs/SoftwareABC, this is its repository directory/location.

Deleting a project from the CVS repository is nothing more than deleting its directory structure from within the repository.

    First, ensure that all users have commited and released their project work area before you attempt to delete the project.

    Now, delete the directory structure for your project from the CVS repository. In this example, the project named "ProjectX" will be removed from the repository:

    $cd /home/cvs/

    $ ls
     CVSROOT/ SoftwareABC/

    $ rm -rf SoftwareABC

From client, try

$cvs co SoftwareABC
cvs server: cannot find module `SoftwareABC' - ignored
cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot expand modules

It's done.

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